Mailman X Business Weekly | July 26th

Mailman X Business Weekly | July 26th

Here is China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:

China’s Tech Firms Increasingly Copied Abroad.
“Global technology companies are now replicating successful concepts from their Chinese counterparts, from the Super App to social+ eCommerce to short video,” say the authors of the China Internet Report 2019, a study produced by the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post and Abacus, a Chinese technology platform. Read more here.

Mailman Take: 
In the past, Chinese firms have been known to be good at “adaptive” innovation. This is taking existing products, services and processes and modifying them to better fit global needs or direct needs in China.   This is in a sense when we look at China’s digital landscape there is a wide range: of Chinese versions of Western platforms, i.e. the “Google of China.” However, as China has become less restrictive on the free exchange of ideas and privatization we have seen a drastic shift where digital innovations are initiated in China and copied by the Western world.  It will be interesting to watch how this plays out as the world pushes for continued digital transformation and China quickly becomes a leader in this space vs. a follower.

Also This week:

Alibaba and retain their positions as China’s top eCommerce platforms – but is a new competitor on the rise?
The eCommerce ecosystem in China is clearly dominated by two powerful players, Alibaba and JD. While most reports about eCommerce in China talk about the dominance of the duopoly, a third player Pinduoduo is making headlines for its steady rise. Read more here.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is coming to the US in a major way.
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is courting American small business owners with a spate of new digital tools designed to encourage domestic trade and increase US participation in the $23.9 trillion global B2B markets. Read more here.

Digital Savvy Could help Brands Reach the Chinese Consumer 
The country’s economy grew 6.2 percent in the second quarter, down from 6.4 percent the period before. It’s the slowest pace since 1992, and a dramatic decrease from a dozen years ago, when growth was 14.2 percent. However, a January research report from eMarketer projected China will overtake the U.S. as the world’s biggest retail market this year. That’s why it remains vital that brands connect with the country, especially at the digital level. Read more here. 

China’s WeChat enables in-flight mobile payment.
WeChat Pay users with a credit score above 550 can apply for the service, which enables them to make purchases without access to the internet during the flight and pay automatically via their accounts after landing. The service will be promoted to other flights to improve the in-flight shopping experience, according to WeChat. Read more here.

New Lionsgate indoor park in China has a Hunger Games theme for adults.
The Hunger Games has sold over 100 million books and nearly $3 billion in movie tickets, but the tale of children fighting to the death in a dystopian world doesn’t immediately lend itself to kid-friendly theme-park attractions. That’s why the developer of Lionsgate Entertainment World, Hong Kong real estate giant Lai Sun Group, is targeting a different audience. Read more here.

First Private Chinese Company Launches Rocket Into Orbit.
Interstellar Glory Space Technology has become the first private Chinese space company to successfully launch a rocket into orbit, marking an important milestone in the development of the country’s commercial space industry. Read more here.

China invites nations to join in moon exploration.
In the Science article, “China’s present and future lunar exploration program”, Li and his colleagues said China’s exploration plan is “flexible and iterative”, with an emphasis on international cooperation. The authors wrote that China is open to cooperation with NASA on lunar exploration. Read more here.

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