Mailman X Business Weekly | January 18th

Mailman X Business Weekly | Jan 18

Here are China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:

N.Y. Draws Record 65 Million Tourists (In Spite of Trump’s Trade War Many Were Chinese)

President Trump may have set off a trade war with China. But, so far, it isn’t hurting one key industry in his hometown. The number of Chinese visitors to New York City continued its steady rise last year, according to the latest tourism statistics.  The number of Chinese visitors rose from 1.04M in 2017 to 1.1M in 2018. Read More here.

Mailman Take:

It is important to stay on top of the changing political landscape, China as a market continues to have a strong economy, the middle class continues to grow it’s projected that 75% of the urban population will be in the middle class by 2022.  The growing middle class combined with the growing tech-savvy consumers, we are seeing a drastic rise in independent travelers. We believe the political landscape and travel warnings will have a much bigger effect on group travel numbers than FIT as well as Tier II to III cities vs. Tier I cities. This is a great time to take a look at your 2019/2020 China strategy to assess your digital marketing approach to China to target the growing number of independent travelers.


Also this week:

American Airlines and China Southern Airlines Expand Partnership

American Airlines and China Southern are growing their partnership starting this week to Codeshare additional routes beyond key gateways in China and the United States.  Starting February 15th the carriers will codeshare 20 destinations beyond Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Read more here.

China Accounted for Half of All Mobile Downloads in 2018

China may be slowing iPhone sales worldwide, but Chinese people are driving Apple’s App Store business. In fact, China accounted for nearly 50 percent of all app downloads in 2018, pushing the global downloads to count to reach a record 194 billion, according to research firm App Annie.  Read more here.

ByteDance Hits 2018 Sales Target (Barely).

The company behind popular news aggregator Toutiao and the video-sharing app Tik Tok hit the lower end of their 2018 numbers, largely due to a delayed launch of a new monetization structure. Many Chinese tech giants—Tencent, Xiaomi, and Meituan-Dianping, for instance—saw their share prices slide in 2018 as investors became wary of frothy tech valuations. ByteDance, however, seemed immune to those anxieties. Read more here.

China’s Byte Dance Launches a Video Chat App Duoshan to take on Tencent’s WeChat

Chinese internet technology company ByteDance announced Tuesday a new video-based social messaging app called Duoshan, marking its first attempt at challenging Tencent’s social messaging dominance in China. Duoshan takes a unique approach to mobile messaging, as the app only allows a video message to be visible for 72 hours after being sent.  Read more here.

Alibaba’s A100 Showcases Alibaba as a Platform Company

The Chinese economy has grown at an amazing speed, currently has signs that Chinese consumers are spending less but this does not change the fact that China remains a large and important market.  As digital shifts so quickly in this market we are seeing giant organizations like Alibaba move its focus from pure e-commerce to becoming a technology company. Read more here

US Direct To Consumer Brands are Eyeing China

Thanks to global e-commerce and tariff regulations, the power dynamics in the market have shifted in the favor of direct selling.  Now players like and Alibaba are making it easy for brands to sell online to Chinese consumers, sharing data and purchase patterns, without the need for a joint venture or partnership

Read More here.

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