Mailman X Business Weekly | February 22

Mailman X Business Weekly | February 22nd

Here is China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:

Chinese Tourists Won’t be Weapons much Longer
The modern Chinese overseas tourist was born in the early 1980s when the Chinese government began loosening decades of travel restrictions. As incomes rose in the mid-1990s, demand for overseas travel grew as well and the government was forced to loosen restrictions. Yet, as Chinese tourists become wealthier, more sophisticated and more confident, the prospects for this economic weapon are decidedly dim. The longtime preference for government-approved group tours is naturally eroding in favor of independent travel that’s not — for now — subject to government restrictions. Read more here

Mailman Take:
The graph featured in this article further accentuates the rise of the FIT since Dec. 2013 with steady growth YoY.  As government restriction continue to loosen, the reliance on group travel is becoming less and less. Last year in Q2 2018, 78% of all outbound tourism to the USA recorded as independent travel.  The strategies to influence these travelers will be even more expansive as we approach into 2019.

Also this week:

Five Online Marketing Trends that Matter for 2019
Five trends that are very relevant to the possibilities of tomorrow especially for China.  Online video will continue to rise, with China, expected to be the biggest market with an average viewing time of 105 minutes followed by Russia and the United Kingdom at 102 and 101 minutes respectively. Read more here

China Tourists bring big money to LA, Universal Studios responds with VIP experience.
Universal Studios Hollywood is enhancing its premium VIP Experience and introducing Mandarin-speaking guides.  Offered weekly through June 1, 2019, the Mandarin VIP Experience tours, which offer guests an opportunity to experience the theme park and historic backlot with in-language experts, is in response to China maintaining its position as Los Angeles’ number one international market.  Read more here

The Whole Hog: 3 experts’ takes on 2019 CNY trends
2019 marks the democratization of CNY celebrations, and a lot of brands not only activated their marketing campaigns early this year by combining them with Christmas promotions as a two-month-long global celebration, but they also plastered CNY billboards and promotional campaigns all over airports and travel retail stores around the world. Read more here

Walgreens Accepts Alipay in 3K Stores
Starting this week, 3,000 U.S. Walgreens stores, including locations in New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.  The number is set to increase to 7,000 by April. Read more here.

Digital Content Propels Patriots to Become the most popular NFL Team
Over the past 12 months, the Patriots’ official channel on Chinese social networking site Weibo has grown from 100,000 followers to exceed 500,000. The Pittsburgh Steelers (271,000 followers) are the next most-popular NFL club on the platform. According to Mailman’s research, the Patriots’ social media presence in China is growing quicker than that of many European football clubs such as Manchester United and FC Barcelona, as well as the majority of NBA teams. Read more here.

Chinese News Agency Introduces its first Female AI News Anchor
China’s state-run press agency has welcomed its first female AI anchor who will join its growing team of virtual presenters. The female AI newsreader will make her professional debut during the upcoming meetings of the country’s national legislature and top political advisory body in March. Read more here.

Chinese Travel to the Heart of Game of Thrones
Croatia. Northern Ireland. Iceland. Morocco. What does each of these destinations have in common? They have all seen a huge rise in Chinese air travelers, despite the limited number of direct flights. And they all happen to be destinations where Game of Thrones scenes was filmed. Read more here.

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