Mailman X Business Weekly | August 2nd

Mailman X Business Weekly | August 2nd 

Here is China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:

Bytedance Challenges Baidu’s monopoly with in-app search engine
TikTok owner ByteDance has introduced an in-app search engine for its popular Jinri Toutiao newsfeed app, a move that challenges Baidu’s monopoly in China’s search market.

Why it matters: The two companies are fast forming a rivalry in online services. Baidu moved into Toutiao’s market when it changed its newsfeed offering and Bytedance has hit back by adding a search engine. Read more here. 

Mailman Take: 
It is important to take a look at these challenges as big “rising” organizations continue to take on B.A.T.  This is not just a look at how quickly Bytedance has been capturing the market since 2017 but also how it is looking for ways to leverage and further capitalize on its growth.   As marketers, we look to understand the path and how to capture a target audience, this is one more thing to point to when asked about the use of Websites in China. The fundamental way Chinese netizens access the web is different than what is typical in the West. 


Also This week:

Africa looks to China for Tourism Boost 
Unlike before, she said, Chinese tourists do not limit their preferences. Kwamboka said Chinese visitors now want to see rare wildlife species such as the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, also known as the giraffe gazelle, and oryx.  “They request to stay in hotels with golf courses. In addition, Chinese tourists take a four-hour journey to visit tea farms to experience tea farming in Kenya,” she said. Sporting activities such as mountain climbing, zip-lining, and river rafting are also popular choices. Read more here. 

From Russia to China in 8 Minutes by Cable Car 
The world’s first international cable car is built on the Amur River between China and Russia. The cable car, which will be built on the Amur River, will connect the Heine of China and Blagoveshchensk of Russia in an eight-minute journey. Read more here. 

SEA tech startups cannot simply copy Chinese models 
The past three decades have witnessed changing dynamics between China and SEA in terms of economic forces. China’s exponential growth has allowed it to eclipse the neighboring region.“When our relatives went to China in the 1980s, they’d always come back and say China is like twenty years behind Malaysia,” recalled Honwai Sim, COO of Malaysian IoT firm MDT Innovations and a third-generation Chinese Malaysian, “But now China is way ahead of Malaysia,” he said. Read more here

Hotels 325: Jin Jaing becomes the number 2 global hotel group
Between aggregators like China’s Jin Jiang International to industry unicorn Oyo Hotels & Homes, the complexion of HOTELS annual 325 is evolving at a pace not seen before. Read more here. 

Beijing’s Ban on solo travelers to Taiwan could cost self-ruled island US $900 million by January 
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that from Thursday it would stop issuing individual travel permits to people in 47 mainland Chinese cities because of the poor state of relations with Taiwan. “In view of the current cross-strait situation, such visits will be temporarily restricted until further notice,” it said in an online statement on Wednesday. Read more here

Will Traditional Chinese make-up make a comeback because of Disney’s Mulan 
This is more of a lesson on how quickly something can trend through social media in China. By now, the hashtags “Mulan Makeup Imitation” (#花木兰仿妆#) and “Mulan Makeup Imitation Contest” (#花木兰仿妆大赛#) have attracted over 300 million views. Read more here.

Donald Trump’s tariff threat pushing China to make final make-or-break choice 
China is facing a make-or-break choice in the next four weeks after US President Donald Trump threatened to impose 10 percent tariffs on the remaining US$300 billion in Chinese imports from September 1, analysts said. One option is for China to concede to Trump by buying farm products from the United States.  Another option is that Beijing can walk away from the negotiations because of Trump’s threat. Read more here. 

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