Mailman X Business Weekly | April 26th

Mailman X Business Weekly | April 26, 2019

Here is China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:


VOA requirements for China, India tourists may be relaxed, says Tourism Minister 
The visa-on-arrival (VOA) requirements for tourists from China and India may be relaxed in a bid to increase the number of visitors from the two countries in conjunction with Visit Malaysia. Read more here.

Mailman Take: 
One of the factors how market growth can be attributed, is of course the easing of visa restrictions. As the Chinese passport has already climbed from 94th place in 2015 to 67th place in the latest Henley Passport Index 2019, Chinese citizens can now travel to up to 33 countries without a visa and 42 with a VOA. In 2018 China outbound travellers already reached an overall number of about 162 million, although only 8.6% of the population currently hold a Chinese passport. The number of passport-holding citizens are predicted to double to 240 million by 2020 and the China outbound tourism is expected to exceed US$ 163 billion by 2024. The future of China outbound tourism looks to remain very optimistic.


Also this week:

The future of shopping is already happening in China
China’s Generation Z isn’t impressed by glitzy brand names and traditional advertising campaigns. Many are looking beyond the physical stores and e-commerce portals their predecessors preferred. They are buying goods suggested by social media influencers, using messaging, short videos, live streaming and social media apps as gateways to making those purchases. For Generation Z social media isn’t just where they spend time – it’s where they spend cash.   Read more here.

China retail market overview for Q1 2019; online grew by 15%, 23% of total
Total retail sales of consumer goods in China increased to US$ 1,457 billion in Q1 2019 and roughly 85.3% came from urban areas. Online retail sales of goods and services totaled US$333.45bn, representing 22.9% of the total.  Read more here.

Australia banks on the power of Thor to attract Chinese tourists
Australian tourism hopes to get a boost in arrivals following actor Chris Hemsworth’s recent trip to Shanghai on the “Avengers: Endgame” press tour. Hemsworth’s popularity in China (he has more than 450,000 followers on Weibo) along with the release of the film in mainland Chin
a on April 24 could give tourism a boost following a year of slowing growth. The movie set a record with 1 million tickets sold in the first six hours of availability.   Read more here.

“EU-China Tourism Year” brings Chinese Travellers to Europe
While the EU-China Tourism Year 2018 (ECTY 2018) has officially come to an end, the success of the initiative continues to be evident, with growing numbers of Chinese tourists putting European destinations at the top of their tourism agendas throughout 2018 and beyond. Read more here.

Leica’s promo video referencing Tiananmen Square massacre went viral on Chinese social media. Then it disappeared.
A new video promoting the German camera company Leica has caused an uproar on the Chinese internet, resulting in a ban on the video and its derivatives. The video, titled “The Hunt”, features a collage of photographers documenting violence and hardship in different parts of the world. It is book-ended with scenes from inside a Beijing hotel in 1989. Viewers familiar with this history will know the reference to the infamous “Tank Man” photo at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 . Read more here

Douyu, China’s Twitch backed by Tencent, files for a $500M U.S.IPO
Douyu, a Chinese live streaming service focused on video games, has filed with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission as it prepares to raise up to $500 million on the NYSE less than a year after its archival floated on the same stock market . Read more here.



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