Our Mission

We’re here to help the world’s greatest destinations better understand China, tell truly unique stories and inspire generations of Chinese to travel.

Through our vast ecosystem we create China digital marketing programs for global travel destinations. From social media, video, media buying to KOL marketing – we design programs that engage Chinese at every step of their travel consideration journey. Technology drives our thinking, big data, machine learning and a hungry team of local experts help make our company grow.

Our Story

Established in 1999, Mailman has become a symbol of China’s revolutionary spirit and its desire for progress. Before tweets, our team were delivering postKard media throughout China’s bustling restaurants. We took pride in every delivery. But then the world changed, smartphones became our new best friends and it was time to adapt to the modern China.

It was time to travel

The digital revolution in China brought with it an insatiable appetite for knowledge, curiosity and discovery. As China opened up with the web, the local people began to see the world, we began exploring travel marketing with this surge of online traffic by first building an online content hub for American Airlines back in 2009, aptly titled ‘HelloAmerica’.

In addition to travel we experimented with sports marketing, which took an entirely different approach – before long we’d established two of the most successful travel and sports marketing agencies in China. Digital was our domain, and we weren’t going anywhere.

Travel marketing evolved

As time passed we experiment more, we took on interesting clients with unique stories to tell. Social media evolved and it became the cornerstone to our storytelling platform. From video, live-streaming to rich social media content – by 2016 we’d created digital marketing programs for over 50 of the world’s leading destinations.

Technology was coming

But as the market evolved, more agencies came in and with it greater expectations in ourselves and from the market. We believed that technology would help shape the agencies of the future. So it was in 2013 that we began to build our own platform, designed to better help us deliver on our lofty client goals. Our platform was built with the belief that big data would become paramount to decision making, machine learning would take the unnecessary tasks and developing local insights was critical.

Now we’re shaping the future

As we charge forward we do so with the position of being an industry leader. A company not settled in our laurels, not here to make up the numbers, but to shape the entire industry. We want to set new expectations, new benchmarks, new types of people with a philosophy of total transparency.

So if you’re lucky enough to work with our group, don’t be shy to challenge us, ask questions, seek more answers and get to know our fabulous team. Mailman X stands for explore, excite, and experience.

It’s travel Inspired.

Our Manifesto

Total Transparency

We track every action, every step of the way. We leave no stone untold and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Local insights lead

We use big data, surveys and observational experience to make decisions. We don’t guess.

Authenticity sells

We find the truly authentic stories that every destination has to help craft a story that resonates in China. Every destination has a story.

Money matters

We spend on media, KOL’s and other tactics that drive real value. We don’t waste money on things that we don’t know.

Planning is winning

We plan everything, from daily content, team thinking to client onboarding. Better planning drives better everything.

Leadership Team

Andrew Collins Group CEO
Dandan Zhong Managing Director
Michael Lin Business Director
Devon Dow Global Strategy Director
Micey Song Marketing Manager
Vanessa Mochtar Account Manager
Tianyi Li Account Manager
Daisy Pan Content Manager
Rose Chi Account Manager
Joanna Liu Content Executive
Alex Guo Branding Executive
Jessie Yao Content Executive
Justin Tan VP of strategy
Iris Chen Head of Operations
Lynne Lim Finance Director
Sunne Tew Brand & Creative Director
Polly Shi Senior Design Manager


We’re proudly invested by China’s most progressive investment groups.

Yao Capital

Yao Capital is a private equity firm specialising in growth stage investments in the sports industry, both in China and globally. The firm is founded by a team of industry executives and investment professionals including NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming, former Chief Investment Officer of China’s Wanda Group and former Managing Director of The Carlyly Group, David Han, and former General Manager of Shanghai Sharks Basketball Club, Erik Zhang. Yao Capital invests in leading sports industry companies from China as well as premium global sports properties with a China angle. Yao Capital utilises its industry expertise and operational know-how to help portfolio companies enhance their strategic positioning, business performance and market leadership.

WE Capital

WE Capital is a specialised Internet cultural venture capital, focusing on investments in general entertainment contents, including film & TV shows, sport and new media.

With cumulative assets under management of over RMB 4 billion, WE Capital is standing among the first tier in cultural industry funds within one year.

A current portfolio of more than 40 companies help WE Capital build a comprehensive industrial layout covering original contents, development & production, distribution & marketing, stadiums and related products.

Based on the varying media ecosystems on the Internet, WE Capital looks for innovative business models in the cultural industry, which specialises in utilising new tools.

WE Capital invests in early-stage opportunities, as well as some relatively mature companies. An industrial platform provides them systematic industrial resources for the fund and invested companies.

Kaixing Capital

Kaixing Capital is focusing on the integration of sports industry investment and the sports ecological chain, covering sports events, sports media, venues, public fitness and other fields.

Their successful investment cases are “medium video”, “ride down (Mi bicycle), Donews, Fawkes and clouds, etc., investment projects have achieved significant growth in their respective segments.

By focusing on the sports industry, they have experience and rich sports resources. Kaixing Capital has established three funds: Medium Kaixing (sports culture media), Lehman Kaixing (Sports + football), Kaisa Kaixing (Stadium), and in the future, they will focus on “sports + tourism”, “sports + Internet”, “sports + health” and other funds.

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