Mailman X Business Weekly | July 6th

Here are China’s top tourism business news that you need to know from this week:

Weibo Launches In-House Short Video App

Weibo has quietly launched its own short video app, Aidong Shipin (爱动视频). As written on the app’s Weibo account introduction, the app is positioned to focus on dance themed short videos, and it boasts the slogan: Move on interesting. To help with branding and boost usage, Aidong Shipin has cooperated with KOLs and celebrities such as internate personalities Papi Jiang, actor Chen Bolin, and others. Read here for more (Chinese).


  • Mailman X’s Take: Previously, brands could directly link their Weibo account to their Douyin profile. However, recently this feature was taken down. Aidong Shipin’s launch is likely the reason for this loss of functionality. It is too early to tell how will Aidong Shipin effect China’s booming short video market where Douyin is dominating both in Mainland China and overseas. We’ll be keeping an eye on Aidong Shipin’s audience and analyze its features compared to other similar short video sharing apps. Watch this space. Joins Hands with Inter Milan to Develop Soccer Itineraries

Shanghai-based online travel operator was announced as the official Chinese travel partner of Inter Milan on Saturday. The two parties will cooperate in soccer-related itineraries which will be specifically designed for Chinese tourists and sports fans. They will include trips to San Siro to watch matches. Find out more here (English).

  • Mailman X’s Take: This year’s FIFA World Cup alone has boosted China’s sports industry growth by 30%. In the recent years, we’ve seen a huge shift in how China travels – from group travel to FIT – and a shift in their travel motivation – from shopping and landmark hopping to relaxation and experience orientation. This cooperation marks the underlying and largely unexplored market of specialized travel programs. The next big trend of sports related tourism could be upon us.


Also this week:

Alipay is Accepted on Major London Attractions

Merlin Entertainments, owner of popular attractions such as The London Eye, Madame Tussauds London, the London Eye River Cruise and others, has successfully partnered with Alipay and now accept Alipay for the purchasing of tickets and souvenirs for all of its London locations. Click here to find out more (English).

Tencent and Tourism Vancouver Secure Marketing Deal

The multi-year marketing partnership deal between Tencent and Tourism Vancouver will see Tourism Vancouver gain access to Tencent’s mobile tech, big data insights and media platforms. As part of the launch, Tencent Travel unveiled a Tourism Vancouver Mini Program, Canada’s first official WeChat City Mini Program, a mobile guide that provides real-time services for Chinese travelers, including interactive itineraries, check-in features, and location-based information. Click here for more (English).

Ctrip to Compete with Michelin in Publishing Overseas Gourmet List

Ctrip is seeking to expand its overseas presence by developing and periodically publishing Gourmet List, a list of Chinese eateries in foreign countries. First launched in 2016, Ctrip’s Gourmet List will highlight Chinese culinary culture, customs, tastes and preferences, giving Gourmet List a chance to compete with the Michelin Guide that caters global audience. Find out more here (English).

Chinese the Second Biggest VISA User during World Cup

On FIFA World Cup opening day, VISA reported Americans swiped VISA cards the most often, with Chinese and Mexicans following at second and third respectively. It is reported that 17% of the transactions were done with NFC (near field connection) devices, such as smartphones, smart bracelets and rings. The average transaction amount was $56.65. Read more here (Chinese).

Millennial Parents, China’s New Force in Luxury Spending

Luxury brands, ranging from fashion to hotels, are now shifting their China target market to millennial parents and young families. This group of young parents are not hesitant to provide the ultimate experience for their only child, and to get enough photos and videos to upload on their own WeChat Moments to prove it. Find out how and why here (English).


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